All by yourself from the comfort of your home without using conventional treatment methods.

Discover how you can alleviate common musculoskeletal conditions, improve your posture and movement, and prevent recurring pain and injuries.

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This is for you if you have been

This is for you if you have been

  • Having chronic back pain.
  • Suffering from sore joints and muscles.
  • Having tightened ligaments, tendons and muscles.
  • Getting little or no results from conventional chemical-based treatments.

Please Check All Of The Questions Where Your Answer Is YES!

Will it help if you could...

Learn manual techniques that enable the healing process at the comfort of your home?
Release body’s functional problems, and make it more liberated and relaxed?
Get a more balanced posture and better body self-awareness?
Improve the function of the joins, prevent calcification of tendons and soft tissues, and release lymphatic circulation?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The 'JALATJA SELF HEALING" COURSE And Change Your Life Forever! 


Online Course

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This course consists of 40 video exercises that treats different muscle groups, bones, and joints or tendons. 

It has manual medicine techniques, that you can apply yourself to release your body's functional problems like pain, metabolic blockage and tense in tissues, and strain on joints and ligaments caused by muscle imbalance and joint misalignment.

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Unique Self Healing Tool +
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Want to see what's inside the course?

Take a sneak peak of one of the lessons in the course

This course is for you if you fit in any of the criterias mentioned below


Fitness Enthusiast

Musculoskeletal Problems




Interested in your bio-electricity?

Interested in your bio-electricity?

For those interested in Chinese medicine, the text section in the course also has a mention about the most important points of acupressure.

These Self Healing Techniques Can Help YOU With

1. Athlete

Techniques in this course helps in sports injuries which always needs aftercare.

2. Fitness Enthusiast

Techniques which helps in improving metabolism which further helps in nutrients and oxygen enter the muscles.

3. Musculoskeletal Problems

Learn the easy self-care techniques for knee, acute back pain and to correct a chronic back problem and other joint problems.

4. Elderly

Aging inevitably impairs the body's structure and functions. So the importance of self- care for the body in the elderly increases. So this course will help you with staying physically active, you will be able to treat stiffness and pain.

5. Children

Helps with growth pain, helps the body to grow and develop in a balanced way.

6. Injuries

The techniques showed in the course causes increase in the metabolism of the joints which help injuries to heal.

Online Course

Consist of 40 Exercises in 31 Videos
This course provides soft self-care techniques for the pain and problems of the musculoskeletal system, utilizing you to either act on the pain either locally; releases the pathways of the constricted joints, nerve clamps, and tightened myofascial chains.
Or, alternatively, proactively maintain the entire body and all its joints before problems arise.

It is based on old bone doctor techniques and it covers the WHOLE musculoskeletal system, i.e the musculoskeletal system consisting of bones and muscles as well as the joints, tendons, fascia and lymphatic system.

Exercises are included with easy instructions for using the techniques as well as comprehensive written material that helps you understand the effect of the techniques on the body. 

Jalatja Self Healing Method aims to make your body feel more liberated and relaxed. In addition to feeling good, you may get a more balanced posture and better body self-awareness. The techniques of the method involve all the functional systems of the body from the core to the skin. 

It helps in preventing the calcification of tendons and soft tissues and releases the lymphatic circulation. Light grips promote fluid flow in the membrane structures, opening up jammed fascia and muscles. This is done by utilizing the natural functional trajectories of the musculoskeletal system as well as the joints.

Method helps you to improve the body’s metabolic and functional homeostasis. Naturally, better coordination of the components of the musculoskeletal system will also help to prevent injuries.

How you can get the best results in 3 simple steps....

In this course, each technique comes with a video with instructions and detailed verbal explanation of how the technique will help you. So watch the videos carefully.
When you start the online course for the first time, try to run it full-length from start to finish. Try to identify the individual techniques that work best for you from the course. Think about which techniques you feel will best help you with your individual problems and needs. Which ones seem to respond to your problems and the ones that are right for your health.
Later, it is recommended to do the full-length method about once a month and then a couple of times a year to get to know the holistic change it brings to your body. You can also do it whenever you feel your body requires a more holistic treatment.

This course is for the people who...

  • Want to work for their own personal wellbeing, want to be less rigid,  and learn to take care of your body holistically.
  • Have pain or some individual problematic areas in their body that they want to learn how to fix and maintain on their own.
  • Wants to take preventative care of their entire body and its joints before problems arise.

What Our Happy Clients Says About This Course

Anna, Finland

When my body pain reaches a certain point, I have done the Jalatja Self Healing Method. After that, the feeling in the body is relieved; is relaxed and more mobile. The pains have also been relieved after the method was done. It is grateful to have such an opportunity to learn how to make your own everyday life easier.

Jesse, Finland

“I've had chronic pain in the lumbar region and pelvis area for years as a result of a falling accident and I found the Jalatja self healing program to be very functional in its purpose of allowing me to work the problem independently,
and also helpful by providing me with an extreme sense of relaxation not only after, but during the program. Really gets the juices flowing!”

Jonne, Finland

Jonne had played ice hockey pretty much his whole life. At mid 20s’, he started to feel some back pain but obviously was thinking “meh, it’ll go away by itself”. After a while the pain didn’t only occur when exercising, but constantly, so he went to see 8 different experts who were practicing different professions. Some of them were able to provide short-term relief, but the root cause of the pain stayed. 

Later Jonne attended a dinner where a new friend asked why he was standing while waiting for the food to be served. When he explained that he’s unable to sit due a back pain, the friend recommended to visit Anne of Jalatja Healing. After the first treatment, Jonne felt stunned - no pain! He needed to visit several times, but was getting better and better each time. A few years after, when Anne was doing her quarterly “maintaining healing” for Jonne, Jonne mentioned that he is about to move away from Finland and is wondering how he will survive without Anne’s treatment. Anne replied that she could develop a video course system and tools that would help. Jonne laughed: “if you’ll do that, I’m going to sell that course to millions of people who suffer similar pain!”

After two years, 5 versions of the stick, and countless hours of developing and testing the method itself, we are comfortable to present Jalatja Self Healing Method to the people worldwide.

Meet Your Coach Anne

Anne Says :

“You know everything at your fingertips: bones, muscles, tendons and fascias. You feel how the seam all affects everything; their characteristics and movements of different body structures are suitable. You feel if something is wrong. You feel and find old injuries, fascial jams and joint locks, incomplete and faulty trajectories of joints, muscles and tendons. You feel the nerve irritation and pain they cause. But at the same time, you also feel, through the movement of the joints, almost by gut feeling of how they should be.
"And you help them to work correctly."

Anne Continues :

“You are helping the body to repair itself. You take advantage of the movement of the joints and the fluid circulation that opens.
You feel your own body and hands doing seamlessly with another person’s slowly opening body, subtly and almost sliding back its various structures and joints into natural action.
Tensions and nerve clamps may be released. The pain that interferes with life may be relieved.

-It's like physical magic. ”


The course creator Anne has healed 4000+ persons in her place in the woodlands of Finland and is now delivering the knowledge of ancient masters to the modern human being. 

Walking in her grandfather’s footsteps, she has been a professional folkhealer and a bonesetter for 8 years. 

She has studied folkhealing and bonesetting, has a thorough knowledge of the physics and anatomy of the human body, and is extremely interested in medicine; she reads it a lot and appreciates it.

Yet she feels that her family heritage, and the internal, even collective, knowledge it conveys, is the starting point of her work. Countless people have received help with their musculoskeletal problems through her hands.

Jalatja Self Healing Method is a completely new kind of self-healing method and it’s based on the most original philosophy of healing and self-healing and dates back to ancient times, twisted with Northern folkhealing.

Since immemorial, humans have suffered from back pains, sore muscles and joints, and tightened ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Here's What You Will Be Getting

  • Jalatja Self- Healing Course............................................................................................................................. Value $297
  • Bonus Jalatja Self Healing eBook................................................................................................................ Value $50
  • Two Bonus Videos................................................................................................................................................... Value $50
  • Jalatja Self- Healing Course........................Value $997
  • Jalatja Self Healing eBook..........................Value $50
  • 2 Bonus Videos.....Value $50


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